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Everybody loves Wahid

كل يوم

Truly carefree enjoyment is only possible when you can rely on a top-quality, reliable halal brand. That is what Wahid is committed to, every day.

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Islamic butchery

In 1983, Wahid Ramdjan started something completely new: the first Islamic butchery with ‘Dutch’ products. 

Curious Muslim consumers soon found their way to our butchery.

Because good stories spread fast. Especially since everyone knew that all our products were top-quality halal. Wahid’s butchery grew and became bigger and better known.

In 2000, Wahid did a great service to all Muslims in the Netherlands by having his products produced on a large scale from now on and delivered straight to customers.

The wholesale business was born.

Onze start

2006 Dutch retail

That Wahid became Dutch Retail’s first halal supplier in 2006 may have surprised others. But not us, in fact. 

It was just the next logical chapter in our story.

In the years that followed, we continued to do what we did best. We constantly surprised our customers with new tasty products while remaining as dependable as ever.

Today’s food, with the feel of the past.

2011 Anur takes on Wahid

In 2011, Wahid was acquired by Anur Halal Food. This brought new impetus to our brand.

Within a short time, Wahid introduced a variety of innovative fresh concepts to the market. These included setting up shop within major supermarket chains in the Netherlands.

On supermarket shelves, you will not only find our fresh products, such as meat, meat products, cheese and salads. We are continually expanding. Including an extensive selection of Oriental and Dutch frozen snacks.

Wahid Anur

All foodtrends

Now it is 2023, and times have changed. We find that young, modern Muslims, like non-Muslims, want to participate freely in all food trends and food wishes. 

They are curious about new dishes from a variety of cultures. 

Whether for breakfast, lunch, on the go or an evening meal. They want to fully enjoy life, together with friends and family and tasty food.

Everybody loves Wahid

Today, Wahid offers you the very tastiest dishes, the freedom to choose what you fancy, and the ability to simply these groceries from any supermarket around the corner.

Wahid was and is the adventurous brand that will continue to discover new things with you. That makes the latest food trends from around the world accessible to you.

We started as a front runner 40 years ago. And we always will be.

Wahid Halal

It's all a bit easier in the supermarket. There is more choice, with spreads and so on. You have salami, chicken breast. ... It makes you feel more included, before it was all 'that's not for me'.

Het verhaal moet goed zijn.